Friday, October 21, 2011

21 Day Vegan Challenge

Hi Folks!

Today marks the first day of my 21 Day Vegan Challenge!

First of all, I'm not doing this with a group or following a plan. I decided after an over-indulgent week, this week past when Hughie was home for a visit, that I needed to get my act together. My running mileage per-week has gone WAY down and I've allowed myself to eat a few things [bacon] here and there that I wouldn't usually eat, in return I've gotten a little... soft.

So, the plan.

Well... I don't really have one.

I ideally would like to stay between 90 and 100% vegan for the whole 21 days, however, I'm not going to feel defeated or quit if I slip.

I was a strict vegetarian for many many years and currently follow a flexitarian diet sans red meat, so I'm hoping the transition to vegan will be gentle.

Any advice?

Take care,


  1. Best of luck with the challenge! Be sure to report how it goes :)

  2. Just make sure your body is getting everything it needs, fruits, veggies, carbs, protiens this way your body will be satisfied and happy and you will still have the fuel to continue your running :) Check out my smoothie recipe, its full of things you need, but it tastes so good! Good Luck!