Monday, January 10, 2011

Back Home.

Hi guys!
I've been traveling all over for the past three weeks and I just returned home last night.
On December 22nd Hughie and I spent the day at the St. John's International Airport after our flight got delayed several times and then canceled.

We were lucky enough to get a flight to Toronto that night, spent the night there and left for Cleveland the following morning. We spent an hour in Cleveland and then jumped on a plane to Florida, finally, where my parents picked us up and we drove two hours to their home to spend a sunny Christmas with them.

The first few days of our stay were beautiful, warm, and sunny! We spent Christmas day sailing in the gulf of Mexico watching the dolphins play. It was perfect.
Merry Christmas!
 Not to mention the wonderful gift my Uncle surprised me with! I'll let you know why it's so special in a minute.

We enjoyed so much wonderful food cooked by my aunt and mom, and also ate at some really great restaurants!
Pureed squash, risotto, and fresh panko crusted scallops and shrimp!
It cooled off a little during the last few days of our trip but that didn't stop us! We still spent time at the beach and shopped till we dropped!

Of course I treated myself to some foodie gifts!
Tomato paste in a tube was my favorite find!
We said so long to the sun and headed back to Newfoundland to unload and repack for Halifax.

Now, I haven't mentioned it yet on the blog but Hughie accepted a great job in Halifax and will be living there indefinitely. Considering I am still completing my Masters I wont be joining him. However, we truly love each other and have been together too long and care too much for each other to let a little ocean get it the way of our relationship! There will be lots of visits and skype, it's only a hour and a half flight after all! (I may sound optimistic and light now, but you should have seen me at the airport yesterday... oh boy.)

Have any of you done long distance?

We spent the last 10 days driving across Newfoundland, taking a Ferry to Nova Scotia and then finally getting Hughie settled into his new home. He is in a great area and there is a Italian market and bike shop just around the corner :)
Road tripping with a little Bowie

I couldn't leave without giving Hughie a little sugar (mind out of the gutter friends). I made sure he had enough chocolate chip cookie dough to tie him over until our next visit!

I got back late last night after a delayed flight and have so much to do before I get back to classes on Tuesday.

I hate to say it but the only running I did in the past three weeks was to the fridge, around the shopping outlets, and one very very short run with Hughie in a beautiful park in Halifax. I did however buy some new running shoes so it looks promising!

I'll leave you with my favorite photo from our trip, oh la la!
Hughie frolicking in the sun!

How was your holiday? Are you back in the swing of things?


  1. That looks like Clearwater beach. And where did you get that yummy looking dinner?


  2. Kevin, it's Naples beach! and my very talented Aunt whipped up that delicious meal. I'll be posting the recipe in the future :)

  3. Welcome home!! Sounds like you have a lot of exciting things coming up!

  4. Just to be clear it was only 1.5 days to actually GET to Halifax, then 9 days IN Halifax. :P

    And I wasn't frolicking...I was getting ready for my close-up.

    Good update post bebe.