Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Signal Hill + Sharkies


Well, the weather here in beautiful Newfoundland has been has been a total energy suck lately. It has been rainy/fogy/cold and grey for about three weeks straight with the occasional sunny day break, yesterday was one of those days!

A sunny day is cause for celebration, and celebrate I did with a run/hike. This little sunny day celebration took place on Signal Hill which for those who don't already know holds a lot of historic value!

History Lesson!

The final battle of the Seven Years' War in North America was fought in 1762 at the Battle of Signal Hill, in which the French surrendered St. John's to the British under the command of Lt. Colonel William Amherst. Lt. Colonel Amherst renamed what was then known as "The Lookout" as "Signal Hill," because of the signalling that took place upon its summit from its flagmast. Flag communication between land and sea would take place there from the 1600s until 1960.


On December 12, 1901, the first transatlantic wireless transmission was received here by Guglielmo Marconi in an abandoned fever and Diphtheria hospital, which has since been destroyed by fire.[1] The transmission originated from his Poldhu Wireless Station, Cornwall. 

Now you know!

My friend Robyn and I started the run/hike at the bottom of the hill and worked our way up!
We followed the green line all the way around the hill, it's a fantastic trail, although there are a few scary parts where you sort of have to feel your way around a rock face with the ocean crashing beneath you! Makes for a better adventure.

Starting at the bottom really allows for a brutally painful run up the hill (which feels much more like a mountain) I had a couple sharp pains in my hamstring that I injured last May during a sprints drill but other than that I felt great... until the very top when my hamstring decided to spasm out. No biggie.

Looking out through the narrows of the harbour at the bottom of the hill.

It was a beautiful day and there wasn't a need for bulky clothing which was great! I needed the Vitamin D.

Blue Skies! 

It was so great to get out and get some fresh air but let me tell you, these stairs can turn the most content individual into a sniveling whiny baby...

About halfway up after running two steps at a time I was pretty sure the lactic acid building up in my legs was just going to make my calfs explode into pieces, what? That happens, right? 
Once we made it to the top a victory high five was in order and then commenced the wheezing, snotting and chugging of water. Beautiful. I should have gotten a picture of the view from the top but I was too busy sneezing and snotting. Which brings me to my next topic of conversation! 

I have this issue after I run sometimes, I don't know why it happens or how to control it... no, I'm not talking runners trots...

About 50% of the time after I run outside I have huge fits of sneezing and a runny nose for anywhere from two hours to two days. I've questioned allergies but it happens all year round, not just pollen season. It's really a bummer and makes me think twice about taking my runs outside. Help!

Now, on to a couple products which have made my runs a little better recently.

These are fantastic! First, there is something you should know, I love sharks and someday I will swim with them... it will happen. Now, onto the snack. I've never been one for Gu's or shot blocks or energy gels but these really helped. I ate half a pack before a 5 miler a few days ago and the rest of the pack before yesterdays Signal Hill run/hike. I didn't have any digestive problems and they taste great. The organic section at my grocery store only sells this flavor but I'm sure the others are just as great.

These bad girls just stay where they need to! The wires/cords are lengthened just right to wrap back around your neck and they come with a few different sized interchangeable rubber discs to create a custom fit in your ear! Perfection! I've got to thank the mister for this one, it was a good festivus last year. 

Well I think that's enough yammering on for today, I'll leave you with my delicious dinner! YUM

Until next time,