Friday, November 26, 2010

Garlic Crisis.

CSN Stores

After winning a CSN giveaway over at Everyday Foodie I've been trying to decide what the heck I should use my gift code on! These guys sell everything, and I mean everything! From sling backpacks, furniture, home decor, to kitchen supplies! I think I'm going to use it towards some sort of kitchen utensil but I can't decide. What do you think I should use my CSN win on?

[It's not all about me, I'm hoping to be able to offer you guys a giveaway soon too!]

Moving on...

I need your help! You see, I eat a lot of garlic, so when I was at the grocery store a few weeks ago and noticed they had large garlic braids I threw one in my cart full of excitement and continued on my way.

Well, it turns out I don't eat as much garlic as I though I did and I still have the full braid sans one head.

So, what I need from you guys is your best 'chock-full-o-garlic' recipes, and I'll do my best to document them on the blog! I'll try anything, aside from red meat [except for bacon, mmm bacon].  

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers! [even though I'm a day late]
And, if you're heading into that Black Friday madness, be safe!



  1. OHHHHHH Garlic!!!! Here's a suggestion that uses lots of it:

    Buy a whole chicken from the grocery store.

    (1) Mix a few cloves of minced garlic in with olive oil and add whatever spices you like to the mix, then apply the mixture to the chicken, UNDERNEATH THE SKIN. I use one of those brushes used for brushing sauces onto food.

    (2) Insert 4-5 cloves of garlic under the skin as well.

    (3) Put as many garlic cloves as you desire inside the carcass! I don't know if this does anything, but since you have lots to spare right?

    I make this recipe in a crockpot but I'm sure it would work in an oven as well.


  2. Oh man... I love garlic but I radiate it from my skin the next day. :( :( I feel so bad for everyone around me that I have to ordering things without garlic.

    I know this doesn't help at all, but I'm jealous that you have so much garlic to use!!

  3. I very good 6-10 inch chiefs knife made by Wusthof or Henckels is a life time tool. The electric Bialetti Mukka Express is awesome. The stove top model is also nice if you like espresso. A kitchen aid stand mixer is awesome.


  4. Garlic is my favorite! I recommend the 20-40 Clove chicken here:

    Or, since cold season is in full swing, make up a batch of Dr. Ziment's Chicken Soup That stuff is a miracle worker for colds and we always try to keep some in the freezer.

  5. oooh yes I agree with the ideas above ^^^^ the 20 clove garlic chicken sounds lovely :)