Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Hi bloggy bloggers!

If there is something you should know about me it might be that I ADORE Halloween!
I enjoy the whole month of October... wearing tights, crisp air, red and orange leaves, horror film reruns, pumpkins, and little dead running around!
I usually go out of my way to make a fun costume but the last couple of years have been so busy with my final undergrad year and now my first Masters semester that I haven't had a chance to plan anything.
Although I may not get to dress up this Halloween and spend some time with friends I do plan on celebrating, I'm planning a spooky themed Halloween dinner for Hughie and I!
The menu is coming along and I'll be sure to photograph the festivities and share it with you guys!

Halloween '09

I haven't had much time to do anything lately but school work, however, I did take some time last week to bake up some cupcakes for my departments Folklore society bakesale, these bad boys are likely to induce intense sugar rush!

German Chocolate with Vanilla Butter cream
 Have you been baking any spooky treats? What are your plans for Halloween?


  1. oh my - those cupcakes look so professional!

  2. THat cupcake is amazing! Love your costume as well. I have a horrible time thinking up costumes.

  3. I am horrible with costumes, but I have fun seeing everyone dress up! I, too, love fall- the colors, the crisp(er) air, the comfort food that comes with the cooler weather. My fave!!

  4. Those cupcakes look SO good! My mouth is watering. Mmmmm. For Halloween, I'm doing a local half marathon in costume with friends. Fun!

  5. I LOVE German Chocolate cake. Yummy!!