Sunday, August 1, 2010

A runners body.

Hi guys!

I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend, and if you've participated in a race/event I hope you're having an extra relaxing weekend :)

While I was hanging out today with a friend I was reading through some of my running magazines I hadn't got a chance to really read since I bought them a few weeks ago and I was amazed at how many articles there were on weight loss. While I understand that us runners have to be fit and healthy to do what we do; and many new runners start running for weight loss, I am surprised at the great emphasis that is put on being thin.

Making sense?

Runners come in all shapes and sizes, we don't all look like Kara Goucher that's for sure but I see it all the time around the blog world, women striving for that "runners body", what does that even mean?

I'm not a size two, I'm not 115 pounds, but in a race I've beat the pants of girls who were.

Please, don't get me wrong. I'm not insulting anyone who is either or those things, I'd probably have a much easier time finding jeans if I were a size two! All I'm saying is that we are all different.

Don't strive for a runners body, strive to run an extra mile, or a negative split or a PB and take the body that that goal gives you.

I've had several friends who have achieved great weight loss goals and still constantly beat themselves up about an extra few pounds that they can't shed or the fact that they just can't change what their mama gave them, instead of focusing on how far they've come and what that body of theirs has achieved.

I'm not skinny, I'm not fat, but I am strong. I take great pride in knowing that my "thick" legs and my booty will take me where I want to go, including across that finish line.

I know this is a little out of character for my blog but I felt slightly inspired to comment on the subject. Our bodies are amazing, and they are all different, take pride in what they can do first and foremost.

and on that note, I love this Nike campaign.

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  1. OK, seriously?? I just posted the "My butt is big" ad two days ago on my facebook page to tremendous applause by my friends. It is now spreading like wildfire among them, sharing on their pages too lol. And now I have another to post! Thin is over-rated, I just want to be IN SHAPE and FIT. ;)

  2. oooh I love this post!!! One thing that I have learned when racing (be it triathlon or running or biking) is that you can never judge a fellow competitor by the shapr or size of their body, or their age for that matter. In the weekend's trail race so many women who were 60+ zoomed past me! It was so freakin impressive :)

  3. Those are great ads! I had never seen those before.

  4. I can't tell you how much I needed to read this today :]

  5. I am really touch to the Nike campaign...The picture and post in there about a woman with big butt...because I'm one of them...My Bf always told me about that big butt of mine but he loves me despite that...and running makes me more confident about it and my physical appearance...


  6. I'm glad you gals liked this post! :) We all need a little reminder sometimes.

    Amy, I hope he loves you WITH that butt, not despite it hehe :) Thanks for stopping by the blog.

  7. I love my girlfriend Alanna BECAUSE of her bum.


  8. I absolutely love that nike campaign!I've just started following, by the way! I'm Claire :)

  9. Hi Claire! Thanks for becoming a follower, hope you like what you read here :)

  10. I absolutely love those ads I think they're great!! And a really nice blog post! : )

  11. I agree with you; "Don't strive for a runners body, strive to run an extra mile, or a negative split or a PB and take the body that that goal gives you."
    --Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward. ~Soren Kierkegaad
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  12. Just stumbled across your blog (was attracted to the running + cupcakes part!!!) and wanted to leave a comment about this post...

    This post is perfect. Thank you for sharing all of this, and for reinforcement what really is important.


  13. Most of these magazines are starting to look more and more like Cosmo. They are about weight loss, sex secrets and advertisements. They choose to falsely show people who do not fit the normal running profile. Everyone is young, perfect looking, no sweet, pain, agony, etc. Most are junk.

    Kevin J