Monday, July 26, 2010

Two weeks today.

Hi guys!

Today marks the two week mark, two weeks since I was told I had a stress fracture and couldn't run for at least two weeks. This morning I was dead set on running this evening, just one mile, starting from scratch. But, after talking with Hughie briefly on the way to work I've decided to take a few more days off, he made the important point of just how much worse I would feel if I hurt myself further and had to take even more time off.

So, we wait just a bit longer.

I have been having a really hard time this past two weeks without running, I knew it was going to be rough but my whole mood has changed, I'm sluggish and a little down without my nightly run to look forward to. Yesterday was the Tely 10 race that I had to drop, the weather was great, record numbers registered and I missed all the fun. Yesterday was a roller coaster of emotion, I felt completely off the entire day, I just couldn't shake it. It's fascinating how much one can truly take for granted something that means so much to them. There were days pre-injury the very last thing I wanted to think about doing was running and now all I think about and want to do is run... humph.

Don't think I've been shut in and sulking for the past two weeks however!

I took another cycling day trip to Bell Island and didn't get rained out! It was a great day riding in the sun!

I bought a bicycle trainer! and a Garmin bike sensor! Now I can bring my cycling inside when the weather turns and hopefully build my endurance.

and the highlight of the past couple weeks, Sea Kayaking!

This past Saturday Hughie and I and 8 of our friends set sail with a tour group in two man kayaks!

Our friend Will captured the excitement!

Cute Starfish!

A map of our journey!
Thousands of Mussels! Not actually from our kayaking trip, but another adventure to Flat Rock recently.
Hughie has a lot of great pictures from the Kayaking trip that I'll share with you when he uploads them and so on. I had such a great time, I was completely comfortable out on the water except for a small incident with a cave which Hughie will never let me forget... I may be slightly claustophobic. hehe!

That's all for now, I have some products that I'm going to review for you asap!

Stay tuned,



  1. Those starfish are so cool!!! I have never seen a real live starfish!! Only a dried up one :-)

  2. The kayaking was really fun. We hope to get out again on one of the longer tours and maybe see some whales!

    One long term goal is to get kayaks of our own!

  3. How much fun is that!! Sorry that you are feeling off kilter with the lack of running, but you will be glad you waited in the long run. =o)

  4. I'm really sorry you had to miss a race because of your injury and that you've been feeling off. I'm sure you'll be back in the swing of things soon, and that the extra few days off will be the best thing in the long term.

    Kayaking looks like so much fun, and I'd be curious to know more about your trainer!