Thursday, July 8, 2010

Training Pause.

Things have been really busy!

I started a new job position this week and my days have been flying by. My training has been next to non-existent (which I feel terrible about) and I'm having strange pains and numbness in my big toe on my right foot, of course I'm fearing the worst... the dreaded stress fracture. I'll be seeing my doctor on Monday, hopefully I get the green light to keep on running, until then I'll be cross-training.

So, I hate to be a bore but I don't have much to update you on.

When all else fails, bake cookies!

I'll be back in action soon, promise!

Take Care,



  1. Hope your foot feels better soon :( Take it easy and sending lots of well wishes your way!!!

  2. Oh, I hope it isn't a stress fracture and that it gets better soon! Those cookies look absolutely delish!

  3. Oh.Em.Gee. Those cookies look sinfully tasty!! Congrats on the new position and I have my fingers crossed that it's not a stress fracture.