Monday, June 28, 2010

Triathlon Itch.


It was quite the exciting weekend!

Friday was a cross-training day, I did a hot and sweaty 60 minute group ride class and then spent the evening relaxing on the couch with the mister. Saturday morning we woke up to a beautiful day and I whipped up some chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes, I used the pancake recipe from the joy of cooking but forgot to take a photo of the final product. Fail. We had them with some strawberries and real maple syrup, yum!

After Hughie had taken his bike out to run some errands he returned home and we got ready for our first run together! I was so excited I completely forgot to capture the moment on film, so I'll have to get a picture next time.

It was a really hot afternoon and we set off to run some trails at the neighborhood park. We ran an easy 2.5 miles and walked around a bit, overall we covered 4 miles. It was so nice to have him out there by my side and he did so well! He enjoyed it too!

Later that evening we went to a friends house to enjoy some good company and maybe a few too many beverages, which didn't lend itself well to getting up early the next morning to go cheer on our friend Keith at his first triathlon.

We dragged ourselves out of bed around 7am and made our way to the Tri location, what an exciting event! I've never been to a triathlon before but the atmosphere was excellent and everyone seemed to be excited to be there!

It was a chilly morning and I was glad I wasn't the one in the water, the event was sold out with 200 participants.

I had the most fun watching everyone run for the finish after the 5k, there I am with the red hair, clapping my heart out!

Keith did great in his very first Tri. Looking strong the whole time!

The big finish!
All photos courtesy of TriNL.

It was so much fun, I now have a serious itch to train for my first Triathlon next year!

I skipped my long run yesterday because I was so tired so I'll be heading out for a nice long one this evening.

Take Care,


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  1. I seriously was just talking to my husband about training for a Triathlon too! Yesterday we watched coverage of the Xterra Tri on Maui and am totally pumped!

  2. easy 2.5 miles for YOU maybe! lol

  3. hahaha I think you already know what my response will be....DO IT!!!!! I love tri's....I did my first one and have never looked back :)

  4. I am always in awe of people who complete seems so gruelling but it must be so satisfying to finish too! Maybe one day I will attempt a Try-a-Tri but I need to work on the swimming part big time!!