Sunday, June 6, 2010

Race Anxiety.

Training: 2 Miles (Tempo/Hills: Lots of Knee Pain)

Last night I had a strange dream that seemed as though it spanned across my entire nights sleep. I dreamt that it was race day for the Tely 10 that I'm currently training for, but instead of a 10 mile race it was actually a full marathon. In my dream I had a half an hour until race start and I couldn't find my favorite running shorts, I couldn't properly explain to my boyfriend how and when to mix my Nuun for when I ran past him during the race, couldn't find my luna bar, hadn't slept and I was extremely under trained. I arrived at the start after the race had begun and I was way behind that pack trying to catch up, super fatigued and panic stricken. What a nightmare.

I woke up in the middle of the night and my chest was tight and I felt such anxiety. This morning Hughie (the boyfriend) told me he thought I was running in my sleep!

The truth is I think this dream was simply a reflection of the anxiety that i'm currently feeling. May was a crazy month and I should have been training much harder and consistently than I was, for this reason I have been fairly stressed about being ready for my race.

I keep thinking how disappointed i'll be if I don't beat last years time. It's such a silly thought that's interfering with just enjoying my runs. I need to just relax and not worry about a new PR.


Friday evening Hughie and I enjoyed some delicious Indian food at our favorite local restaurant 'International Flavors'. It is a restaurant owned by the sweetest 'take no crap' lady who cooks just one meal, the most amazing one meal mind you. :)

Today was the first sunny and warm day that we've had in a while so the boyfriend and I took advantage of it by spending the afternoon in the park, we picked up some subway and ate it in the sun!
I became quite fond of this little guy, just so handsome, hehe!
Pictures courtesy of the mister

While at the park I also discovered an old/new (to me) trail that I can't wait to run/bike on!

Take care,


  1. Dreams have a funny way of bringing what we are feeling to our attention don't they :) Do try and relax girl - and remember to have FUN!!!!!

  2. What a terrible dream! I'm sure that everything will go without a hitch.

    Yay for new trails! I'd really like to find one...

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours looks great. Darn bad dreams! You are going to rock that race. Just take a deep breath, smile, and picture yourself crossing the finish line. Everything will fall into place.