Thursday, May 27, 2010

A. Wicks, B.A

Training: 3 Miles: 35 Minutes

Well, it was a strong run this morning and it felt great! And now I'm right back on track with my training schedule for the Tely 10.

The past week has been hectic and my training went straight out the window. It was a long weekend here in Canada last weekend and I was out of town. Meaning I was away from the treadmill which wouldn't have been a problem had I been in town but the roads were narrow where I was staying and people tend to drive like maniacs for some reason during the holiday weekend, therefore and no running for me.

On top of the weekend off I had a crazy Tuesday, I convocated!

It was a long, very warm ceremony but I have to say it felt really good after many years of hard work to finally walk across that stage. Now, on to my Masters!

May has been a crazy month!

I've mentioned on the blog that sometimes after I run I suffer from extreme bouts of sneezing and a runny nose that last anywhere from an hour to two days. The symptoms are very similar to that of allergies except this happens all year round. I recently went to see my doctor about the problem and he didn't seem all that sure of what it could be, he advised me to try a Neti pot. The idea of a Neti pot is a little strange so I purchased HydraSense, it's similar to a Neti pot but the solution (sea water) comes with it and it's disposable. The next time my sinuses act up I'm going to give this stuff a go.

I'll keep you posted, I mean who doesn't want to keep up with how well my sinuses rinse out? right?

My bike is all tuned up and ready to ride for the summer, just need some sunshine!

Take care,



  1. wow congratulations on your degree - what a wonderful achievement!!!!

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