Monday, May 31, 2010

Sidewalk confusion + Bike ride.

Friday, May 28th: Rest day.
Saturday, May 29th: Bike ride, no time or distance recorded.
Sunday, May 20th: Run 50 minutes, forgot Garmin at home. (no distance recorded)

Hi friends!

I spent this past weekend out of town and my training and nutrition went at least half way out the window! Aside from a leisurely bike ride on Saturday the extent of my exercise was flipping things on the BBQ and walking to and from the campfire to the cabin for another beverage.

It was nice to ride around the roads of Bellevue and not have to worry about much or any traffic.

It was a nice little bike ride. We travelled along both paved and unpaved roads, my tires are a little thin to be comfortable on loose gravel but it was pretty well packed down and I didn't have any problems. It was a little muddy in some areas but nothing and I mean nothing compared to Lisa's weekend ride over at Bike Bake Blog!

It was lovely!

We returned to town around 4pm yesterday evening and I knew I had to get out for a substantial run. I geared up and set out. Now, as a runner you must make a decision when road running weather to run on the pavement or the sidewalk. Legally you're suppose to run on the sidewalk but I find the constant tilt of the sidewalk to wreak havoc on my ankles so I do run close to the sidewalk on the street and am very conscious of my surroundings. Yesterday however I decided to run on the sidewalk, there was quite a bit of traffic around the time I set out and thought it would be the best decision.

I was trucking along and noticed a horn beeping that seemed fairly close, I looked and to my surprise saw two men in a community service van on the other side of the road trying to get my attention. I took out my ear buds and acknowledged them. The driver yelled "If you're running you should get off the sidewalk!" I said "Excuse me?" and he repeated it again. Confused I replied "I thought I was suppose to be on the sidewalk!" Driver: "No, not if you're running, there are people walking, you shouldn't be on the sidewalk!"

Still confused, I agreed and stepped off the sidewalk onto the road and went on my way.

Several minutes later I was facing oncoming traffic, and one car which incessantly blared their horn at me to get off the road, I assume.

I know for a fact that my city rules that runners stay on the sidewalk, while most don't. I prefer to run on the road so if the rules have changed, fantastic. But I don't think that's the case. I'm going to get in touch with someone today about what happened and see if I can figure out just where I'm suppose to be!

Over and out,



  1. Thanks for the shout out :) It sure was a MUDDY MUDDY weekend!
    Hmm that is really strange about the path v road issue. I would have thought that you could run on the sidewalk ?!

  2. I agree, the constant slope of sidewalks are hard on the ankles/knees. Very strange about the whole runners vs walkers on the sidewalk thing, I don't run in an area where there are many pedestrians but I'm sure I will eventually and that's something to look into. Your scenery is gorgeous, thanks for sharing the pics!