Sunday, March 21, 2010

Punk Rock Racing in the Park!

Hi Everyone!

So, I know I'm a bad blogging gal and my posts are a little more than sporadic but the truth is you'd get pretty bored if all I wrote about were how my runs on the treadmill went and what happened on 'celebrity rehab' while I was trying to make it through mile 7 [kidding (sort of)] :)

Yesterday was the first day of Spring! While I didn't do anything to celebrate my wonderful mister went for a group ride with some people from Ordinary Spokes which is a bike collective here in my little city of St.John's. I can't wait to get out for a ride soon!

 Picture taken by Matt from Newfoundland Fixed Gear.

And today I got out for my own celebration! I beautiful 6 mile run in the park. It was also the first chance I had gotten to try out the running hat Ron over at Punk Rock Tri Guy sent me, if you haven't read his blog you should, he gives the most hilarious race recaps you'll ever read. He has started up a great racing gear shop called Punk Rock Racing that you should really check out! I don't usually wear hats while running unless it's the middle of winter but this hat felt great, kept me cool and kept the sun out of my eyes! It also makes you feel just a little bit faster and badass.

I took this after my run and intentionally covered up my red, sweaty face. Note: Hat also good for going incognito!

It's a beautiful day and the park was so peaceful and calm. I expected to have to maneuver around a lot more people but I managed to show up around supper time while most people were at home enjoying a nice hot meal, you know... like normal people.

It was about 4 degrees celsius and the sun was shining, I maintained a pretty good pace and my body temp stayed fairly cool the entire time. I stopped to feed the duckies a tiny bit of feed I stuffed in my pocket before I left home and it didn't last long! They moved so fast I didn't get a chance to snap a photo but here is the pond.

I love my local park and keep meaning to take advantage of how close I live to it more often! It's a great place to get away in the middle of the city. I ran all over the park on all of the trails I could find but a lot of them still had snow patches where there was shade so I had to be extra careful but it was a fun little adventure!

It felt great to get out in the sun and run on some soft trails, I did notice the toll winter has taken on my legs, the treadmill just doesn't cut it when you're looking up from the bottom of a big ol' hill. Hopefully this will kick off a great season of training.

Happy Spring, have fun!