Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quick Update.


I haven't posted anything in a real long time, things have been a little hectic.

So, just a few things:

-I've been running consistantly but I can't say I've been embracing the elements. I've been sticking inside even though the weather has been pretty great. I need a kick in the bum!
-Plans for this coming summers bike trip is in the works, it's something to look forward to when the winter blues start to kick in.
-I'll be baking cupcakes for a Cupcake inspired art show comming up called "Get Baked!"

These guys mights make an appearance at the show along with lots of other glorious cupcake art!

Tiny Cheeseburger Cupcakes!

So, I promise to do a real update real soon!

Hope the new year is treating everyone well!



  1. The cream cheese veggie thing is (I think) made with Pillsbury crescent rolls, cream cheese, and chopped veggies. It is really good!

  2. Alanna,
    The cheeseburger cupcakes look awesome.

    I am hoping to take up cycling soon, so will be back to catch up with a fellow beginner cycler ventures.