Saturday, October 24, 2009

Winter Running


So, it's that time again. Everyone is talking about the end of the season, and I still feel like it hasn't really started. It wasn't an overly successful season for me and I only ran a couple races. With the combination of the summer university semester and working a full time research position I was left with a lot less running time than I would have liked. Not to mention I was trying to incorporate cycling into my schedule and train for a small 10 day bike tour.

So, I am left feeling like I still have a lot of road running left in me before I am banished to the mill. That being said, I have decided to run outside this winter... gasp! For a lot of runners in warmer climates this might not seem like anything out of the ordinary, I on the other hand long for the luxury of being able to run and cycle 365 days a year. Unfortunately I live in very beautiful yet VERY cold province, where the winter weather always wins and I end up running inside, or not at all. I don't have the nerve yet to attempt to cycle outside (plus I actually really enjoy spin class) but I am going to tackle winter, head on.

In preparation of this new venture I've made a couple purchases:
I love MEC!

I'm hoping these two pieces will substantially help me stay comfortable along with the other run clothing I have.
My main worry however is staying off my ass.
I'm not sure how to dress my feet. From what I've read wool socks and regular running shoes should do the trick but how do I stop from slipping all over the place? After searching around the tubes I've come across YakTrax. These things seem perfect! There is even a video of people running around with them on an ice rink. I'm a little worried about them hurting my feet after a few miles but it'll hurt a lot more wiping out on the ice, which i'll most definitely do. :)

Whatever it takes, I will get out there and run!

There is it, my mission statement.
I know I still have a lot to learn about winter running and it might kick my ass but I'm going to at least try.

Happy Halloween all! (my 'Thriller MJ' pumpkin and I)

Enjoy the fall season while it lasts!


Monday, October 5, 2009

Think Pink.


Sorry for the delay in posting since my first post. I've been a busy bee with the start of a new university semester. But even with all the stress of new classes, text books the price of two months groceries, trying to figure out grad school plans in my head and trying to dodge every first year who sneezes without covering their schnoz I have been running semi regularly, which is a plus.

Yesterday morning I ran the Run for the Cure 5k.

It was a great little 5k and I set a new PR at just under 25 minutes, and for a great cause! Although it was cold and drizzly and I haven't been able to stop sneezing since. That's something that happens to me quite often after a run, I sneeze, a lot. Anyone else?

I recently finished "Born to Run: A hidden tribe, superathletes,  and the greatest race the world has never seen" by Christopher McDougall.
I loved it!
I wont say too much about it but it certainly made me want to try out some ultra running some time in the future, the very distant future.

Alright, I'm going to keep this sort simply because I should be studying. I do however plan to write some longer 'themed' blogs, maybe on runners lingo, trends, and of course... injuries.

- Alanna