Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Runners Wish List

So, tis the season of giving and I thought why not make a post about some awesome gifts for any runners on your list.

When it comes to running we are a pretty minimal group of folk in comparison to other athletes and sports, with the exception of highly priced Gamins and designer running gear all we really need is our two legs and a pair of running shoes! (even that is up for debate)

But who says we can't be a little materialistic once in a while? There is lots of great stuff out there for runners from films, literature, gear and so on and I thought i'd make a little list of my own.

Yak Trax

I recently bought my own pair of these bad boys but haven't been able to use them yet due to the unusually mild weather we are receiving her in Newfoundland. But they seem like they are the answer to falling on the ice while you're out running. There are two versions of Yak Trax, 'walker' and 'pro'. The 'pro' version is more suited to running. I think these are a great gift for anyone on your list who lives in an area with snow and ice, they don't have to be a runner! No one likes to slip and fall on their bum.

Born to Run

This is a fantastic read for anyone who is interested in the running of other cultures. Christopher McDougal studies the Tarahumara tribe who run incredible distances without being any worse for wear at the end.

Recovery Socks

I personally don't own a pair of these socks but I have read countless blogs that praise them and talked to a few runners who say they can't do without them now. You can wear them while running or after a long tough run to decrease recovery time, and they also come in a nifty green color :)

Spirit of the Marathon

I also do not own this film, maybe this is just my personal wish list, teehee. But, I have seen the trailer and every time I watch it, it makes me want to run my bum off. I bet it's a pretty good flick.

The Runners Rule Book

I would love to read this. There is a chapter on "Hitting the Wall", 'nough said.

A Running Gift Basket

These are kind of neat, but it would also be just as easy and a nice personal gift to put one together yourself! Go to your local run shop or outdoors store and pick up some energy gels, socks, body glide, a new runner's world, and whatever other running nic nacks they might have!

Those are just a few ideas!

Now, if only I could start my own Christmas shopping but alas I must prepare for my presentatin in the morning!

Take care,