Monday, September 14, 2009

The new girl.


So, writing an initial blog entry is somewhat intimidating but lets keep it simple. I had been thinking for a long time about starting a blog for the sole purpose of having a running log with a little flair, but I’ve never been good at keeping a running log, so that idea didn’t last. After looking around the blog ‘world’ a little bit I realized the blogs I enjoyed reading the most were combination blogs, blogs about several different topics, but not too many so that it really just turns into a bunch of unrelatable personal clutter. So my blog will consist of a combination of my adventures in running, cycling and baking.

This past Spring I purchased my first ‘adult’ bike. My boyfriend (and partner in crime) had purchased a Giant FCR2 and started riding for the sake of it, not just commuting. After hearing about his day trips around the province and a little push from him to get a bike of my own I decided I would. After buying a couple of second hand bikes that either turned out to be junk or just didn’t feel comfortable I purchased my very own new bike, the Giant FCR 3.

We took a bike trip along the Irish Loop just a couple of weeks ago and it went wonderfully, aside from a couple of hitches with my gears which Hughie (the boyfriend) quickly fixed and got out of the way. More about that later.

Oh running. Mine and running’s relationship has been a long, bumpy, painful, wonderful, fulfilling road. If you yourself have or have had a relationship with this demanding and moody vixen you’ll know that she expects a lot out of her partner and if you plan on having a long lasting relationship with her you better be ready to give her everything you’ve got. That everything includes your free time, you social life, your mornings, your evenings, your muscles, your joints, your toenails, your sanity, and so on. But if you’ve ever filled up your Ipod with songs you’d roll over and die of embarrassment if anyone knew you were listening to them (we’ve all got them), tied up your running shoes, took a few breaths of excited anticipation and ran until your couldn’t feel your legs anymore then you know that while running can be a cold bitch, when things are good, they’re really good. She has the potential to make you feel like you’ve never felt before, like you and her could take on the world… and win.
That being said, I get injured. I get injured a lot. My feet turn in when I run, I get excited and push too hard, I hit pot holes at the wrong angle and twist the way I didn’t know possible, I heal spike when I run down hills, I can’t blame her… I have to work on my own issues for our relationship to work.

I took some time away from running and about two years ago started running seriously, sporadically but seriously. This past summer I trained for a half and it was great.

I’ve always loved baking. Even before I could bake I would watch my grandmother bake and love the way all those plain ol’ ingredients could make such a delicious and beautiful dessert.
I love cooking and baking just about anything but Cupcakes is where my heart is. I love the way they look, the way they taste and all the different things you can do with them.
There isn’t much else to say about baking really. I love it.

It makes me happy and in the back of my head there is this idea that if the whole academics thing doesn’t work out that maybe someday I could own a little bakery of my very own, and if I can’t have a bakery I’ll still bake the best cookies in the neighborhood.  lol

So, this seems a little all over the place but hopefully I’ll find some clarity in my upcoming entries.
I’ll be keeping track of my progress with cycling, what I learn, and all the things along the way that come up when you start to incorporate something new into your life. I’ll rant and ramble about running, my daily runs, any races and all new injuries that occur, because they will.  And I’ll post pictures of my baking adventures so we can all drool in front of our screens, teehee.

Until next time!